We are currently in Term 1, 2018.

The next workshop is 5th May - 6th May.

The next 4 week block begins Friday 18th May/Saturday 19th May.

Term Times

The term loosely follows that of NZ Schools. Each 4 week block will be within term times. Weekend workshops can occur during term or during holidays.

The Classes

Maximum 15 students per class (4 minimum)

5 years - 18 years old

After 18 students can graduate into the Adult Improvisation classes held by Impulse Theatre.

Sparklers: Ages 5 - 7 years

Saturdays, 10 am - 12pm


This is the youngest group. Children who have started school are old enough to join. You will stay a Sparkler until you are about 7 years old. This group will explore stories the children may already know, either from picture books or fairy tales. This is a fun way to learn what characters are and how to tell a story as part of a group.

Searchlights: Ages 8 - 11 years

Saturdays 12.30 - 2.30


Welcome to the Searchlight age group where we start to be more aware of the world we are growing up in. We will use this curiosity and harness the creativity that is still at work in our young minds to learn about the arts and discover what our bodies, voices and minds can do.

Starlights: Ages 12 - 14 years

Fridays, 3.30pm - 5.30 pm


Maturing into teenagers this group starts to explore some more advanced social topics. We will expand our knowledge of drama and extend our skills. Sometimes the freedom to express can get put to one side, but in this group, you are encouraged to be inspired and to share your ideas.

Spotlights: Ages 15 - 18 years

Wednesdays 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm


This is the most senior class. You will be treated like adults and expected to take charge of your own learning. This is a good space for you to build confidence and learn the craft. We will explore different dramatic forms and styles while reading text and or improvising.

Private Tuition

Available on request.



If you wish to bring a specific piece of work to me (a script, poem, or speech) for school or an audition, then we can arrange a private class either individually or in pairs. This time may also be helpful for those who find groups and noise daunting, for one reason or another.