Rules of Class

sharingStudents are to show respect by...

  1. Listening to the teacher
  2. Taking care of the classroom
  3. Being kind to each other.
    This includes not deliberately hurting anyone and not saying mean things to anybody.

Breach of Rules

If these rules are broken I will ask you to sit out for 5 minutes to reflect and I will let parents/guardians know.

If rules are consistently broken, I reserve the right to expel your child from the class. This is an extreme scenario to protect the group's safety and allow the curriculum to be taught efficiently. Often misbehaviour is a way of telling us the child doesn't feel happy so we will first discuss the reasons why.

Requirements for Parents / Guardians

Parents/guardians are responsible for their children before and after class. They are also responsible for dropping off and collecting on time. (If a child is left unattended I will first call the given contact phone numbers. If no response I will assume I have a more serious case and the relevant associations will be contacted).

Fees must be paid by the agreement upon enrollment. If you do not pay for your child's class, as agreed, I reserve the right to refuse admittance to the class.